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Currently, the carboxytherapy is one of the best therapies to fight cellulite, excess body fat, sagging and aging body and face.

It is a nonsurgical method that consists of the therapeutic use of carbon dioxide gas (CO2) subcutaneously.

The origin of this therapy is in thermal hot spring water station of Royat in France, specifically in the early 50′s, when a group of cardiologists applied the therapy to patients suffering from various diseases related to poor blood circulation and accumulation of fat.

Carboxytherapy is performed through a specially prepared equipment which allows the regulation of the flow rate, injection time and monitoring the percentage of administered dose.

The CO2 acts in the affected area and is disposed of very rapidly.

How is it supplied?

The CO2 is infiltrated subcutaneously with a sterilized needle similar to that used to apply insulin, connected to a very thin hose, which in turn is plugged into an equipment specially prepared for this purpose.

The device allows the regulation of the speed of CO2 flow (contained in a tank of oxygen), injection time and monitoring the percentage of administered dose.

Carboxytherapy doesn’t represent systemic toxicity or side effects except a slight and brief pain on the application area. 
The ideal scenario is to conduct two to three sessions per week for a total of 18 to 20 body sessions, with duration of 30 minutes per session.

How does it work?

When penetrating CO2 as gas, it produces a hyperinflation of the subcutaneous tissue releasing bradykinin, serotonin, histamine and catecholamines that stimulate beta-adrenergic receptors producing lipolysis (destruction of fat cells).

From the injection site the CO2 diffuses easily to the adjacent tissues, exerting its function. A manual massage movement that helps distribute and circulate the carbon dioxide completes its introduction under the skin. CO2, when in contact with fat, spreads, and part of it goes to red blood cells: in the contact with hemoglobin, it yields the oxygen to the tissues. That oxygen can be used for metabolic reactions and produces stimulation for fat burning. The first results are seen immediately, the quality of the tissue improves, skin becomes smoother and the affected areas become thinner. Dealing effectively with the problem of cellulite, improving further the bloodstream.

This gas helps improve the intracellular exchange and cellular nutrition of people with cellulite.


• Cellulite
• Located obesity (helps reduce measures)
• Sagging
• Stretch Marks
• Micro varicose
• Pre and post liposculpture (improving results avoiding fibrosis)

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