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What is carboxytherapy? 
This treatment is based on the use of CO2 as a therapeutic gas through hypodermic application.

Carboxytherapy today
As seen in the latest scientific papers on cellulite, carboxytherapy is the best possible treatment for this disease. This treatment has no side effect because CO2 is harmless to the human body.

It is not painful. The patient can see positive results almost immediately. The treatment is relatively short; the average duration is of 8 to 10 weeks (two sessions per week).

Restores normal blood microcirculation in the affected areas.


• The unit has a large LCD to ease the use.

• Equipment developed through a microprocessor that controls the rate of flow of CO2 to achieve a painless treatment.

• Through the control menu, the professional can applied in each session the total dose of CO2 with high accuracy and repeatedly.

• The total volume of CO2 per dose may vary from 10 cm3 to 990 cm3.

• Requires a supply or cylinder of CO2 with a pressure regulator valve.

• No need for complicated accessories. Just a bacteriological filter and a pipe to the luer lock syringe.

This treatment is used in: aesthetic medicine, cellulite, obesity, before and after liposuction treatments, before and after skin grafts, sports medicine, ulcers, etc.

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