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This is the most revolutionary invention since the creation of mesotherapy guns.

This equipment is ideal for body, face and hair mesotherapy, in the application of the botulinum toxin, as in facial wrinkles such as palmoplantar and axillary hyperhidrosis. Its use is also excellent in sclerotherapy.

Among the unique benefits of this revolutionary invention, it can be noted that it does not leak between punctures, the dosage is correct, the needle used does not get contaminated and it uses any syringe; it is an extremely lightweight device, can be used in multiple aesthetic techniques and the relationship between their costs and benefits is excellent.

Visit the “Downloads” section to view the videos on the benefits and the equipment’s accessories.

DermoTherap ® Gun has two important accessories that allow you to extend the techniques used beyond mesotherapy.

The pedal allows the use of the equipment in sclerotherapy and in the application of the botulinum toxin for the treatment of facial wrinkles.

The timer allows the selection of range of time between doses (1 to 99 seconds); this means that the gun will work alone and instill the dose previously indicated complying exactly the selected time interval. Instead of the needle, a catheter is introduced into the patient’s skin.

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