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MesoRoller is an alternative for patients who can’t submit themselves to laser rejuvenation treatments or for those that prefer less invasive treatments with fewer risks. Furthermore, the MesoRoller method stimulates the natural healing of the dermis’s wounds, which facilitates the natural production of collagen. The MesoRoller therapy reduces wrinkles, pores and pigmentation, improves the tone and appearance of the skin, and restores aging skin as in laser surgery or peelings. It doesn’t presents secondary effects. It increases the skin’s thickness about 8%, ideal for the new generation in skin care against aging.

Appropriate for:
• Acne and small scars
• Reduction of deep wrinkles and fine lines
• Flaccidity
• Pigmentation
• Stretch marks
• Neocollagenesis
• Neoangiogenesis
• Improves skin tension
• Aging spots
• Activation of fibroblasts

Step by step:
• Method of natural regeneration of the skin
• Short term period of recovery
• Method applicable to all skin types
• Doesn’t cause inflammation or scaring
• For maximum results, it can be reapplied up to every 10 days
• It can be use across the face, neck and body
• No pain

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