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The equipment is designed to increase the body’s temperature center at 3 ~ 5cm, in order to promote cellular function, improve the elongation of fibrous collagen tissue, pain relief, increased blood circulation, improve and heal chronic inflammation contractions and dielectric heating action achieved by the transformation of electrical energy into heat energy by applying high frequency current in the human body.

Main applications of the FR Diathermic equipment in humans: health and beauty.

Pain Clinic: Increases the temperature of the deep hypodermis of 40 ° C to 43 ° C. Causes an increase in blood flow, activation of cell function and pain relief.

Health and Aesthetic Clinic: RF thermo massage penetrates below the subcutaneous layer of fat, eliminates waste and restores collagen fiber. Achieves skin elasticity and improves health.

Modeling of the Body Clinic: Intensifying the heat of the fat tissue, it can be applied to body sculpting treatments.


• Decomposing body fat
• Dissolution of cellulite
• Size reduction
• Lifting
• Skin regeneration
• Improved removal of wrinkles
• Relaxation of facial stressed muscle
• Stimulation of the collagen layer
• Dissolution of the pigment melanin
• Acne treatment in sebaceous glands
• Facial downsizing
• Treatment of dark under eye circles

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