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Hair removal, Pigmentation, Rejuvenation

-Permanent Hair Removal: Intense Pulsed Light is used for permanent hair removal for its uniform distribution of energy on the contact area and for providing better safety for the patient. It allows its application to any skin type, minimizing the risks of change in pigmentation and the secondary effects on darker skins.

-Elimination of Pigmentation Lesions: Since the melanin absorbs the light’s energy and eliminates the age spots (eg a spot on the hand), freckles, skin patches and other skin’s pigmentations.

-Vascular Lesions Treatment: Elimination of small vascular lesions, spider veins (telangiectasia) couperose, etc.

-Acne, destroying the bacteria that causes this disorder and provoking an anti inflammatory effect. It achieves quick and lasting results.
Rejuvenation Treatments: The fibroblasts are activated by the IPL producing new collagen fibers, improving the intrinsic elasticity and firmness of the skin and making it smoother, vanishes small wrinkles, expression lines, and photo aging of the neckline, contraction of pores, disappearance of blackheads, fading of stretch marks, decreasing of scars, tightens the skin, etc.
Results of the treatment:

Which are the benefits of IPL hair removal?

• Large portions of the body can be treated simultaneously.
• It acts with the same efficiency on lighter or darker skin types.
• Fewer probabilities of provoking pigmentation changes.
• Lesser pain and discomfort in comparison with other hair removal techniques.
• IPL is effective in almost any part of the body where a smooth skin is desired, with a youthful hair free appearance.

How many treatments are necessary?

The number of treatments necessary to obtain the best results in the long term depends on the area treated, of the density of the body hair and its cycle of growth.
Body hair grows on cycles regulated by multiple factors of influence. Age, race, weight, hormones, diet, medicine and metabolism among others, play an important role in the location, thickness and resistance of the hair.
IPL delays the capacity of growth of the follicles as its cycle at the same time. On occasions, some hair follicles can start to grow after treatment; therefore, various sessions may be needed for optimal results.

What is the difference between IPL and electrolysis and laser treatment?

Electrolysis: Electrolysis (hair removal by an electric current) is a much slower process. In the electrolysis procedure, a needle is inserted in each hair follicle at a time. Once the needle inserted, an electrical discharge burns the follicle to delay its growth.
Laser: The IPL equipment only uses Intense Pulsed Light energy. It’s practically painless and, contrary to laser hair removal equipment, it can act efficiently on pigmented skins without producing changes in the coloration. IPL hair removal can safely eliminate hair of every color: blonde, red, brunette, black and even gray hairs. With the ILP process hair follicles can be treated on highly sensible zones like lips or breast.
The treatment can take either a couple of minutes or an hour, depending on the area to be treated. It is less painful and more efficient.
With the same IPL equipment different procedures can be conducted besides permanent hair removal such as elimination of blemishes, rejuvenation, small vascular lesions and acne treatment just by changing the different bolsters since it’s a polychromatic equipment unlike the laser, which is monochromatic.

Treatment follow-up
After treatment, one can resume immediately to family and working activities as usual. A use of a specific cosmetic design for hairless skin may be recommended. It is advised that patients should avoid sunbathing or UVA radiation (tanning) for a month before and one after treatment and to apply sunblock daily.
IPL Equipment Characteristics
It comes with two hand bolsters with cooled crystals. For more comfort, reduces pain sensations and helps avoid a greater inflammation during and after on the treated zones. In a series of fast and comfortable sessions of light therapy, the new technology of Intense Pulsed Light, accompanied with the cooling crystals allows the realization of the following treatments almost pain free:

• Laser hair removal (Permanent hair removal)
• Photo aging (reduction of lines and fine- thin or subtle- wrinkles)
• Pigmentation lesions (brown spots)
• Vascular lesions
• Rosacea
• Telangiectasia (spider like veins)
• Acne Photo Clearing (third bolster for acne treatment is for optional purchase, not included with equipment)

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