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Hidrolipoclasy is a non-invasive esthetic procedure that produces a notable improvement on the zone of the body with localized adiposity.

It consists with the application of saline solution on the localized adiposity and/or cellulite zone, then the usage of the ultrasound for 15 minutes. In particular cases, lipolytic medicine can be added.

The union of the ultrasound and the saline solution previously injected produce the rupture of the adipocyte and its elimination by the lymphatic and blood circulation.

The success of the ultrasonic hidrolipoclasy in treatments for the elimination of adipocytes lies in the use of ultrasound that, among other things, produces thermogenesis (generates heat) and burns the fat.

Various sessions must be executed (between 4 and 10 weekly sessions) to obtain the desired results.

Numerous patients have reduced the size of their waist and hips achieving pleasant and harmonious silhouettes.

The zones that better respond to this treatment are: below the belly button, above the high waist, hips (saddle joint) and the inner part of the knees.

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