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Administration technique by the intradermal route at very low doses, both locoregional and distant, either on acupuncture points or not, in order to obtain a pharmacological effect (due to the action of the administrated medication) and an effect of physical stimulation (under the prick or sting of the needle on the skin); useful in the treatment of a number of nosology entities (1987).

It is a route of administration.


There are different theories explaining the mechanism of action of mesotherapy that induce the assisted technique as the best alternative.

Pistor’s Reflective Theory
Dermal inhibitive stimuli that disrupt the viscero-spinal-cerebral road. These stimuli are a blockage in the transmission of nerve impulses.

Ballesteros Energy Theory
Every mesotherapeutic act is an energetic message.

Ballesteros Energy Theory
All pathologies are represented at the level of the skin, in a palpable, painful and reproducible way.

These theories support the need to apply a lot of punctures, which in turn would allow the rise of both, the incentives and the therapeutic effect.

Taking into account the different techniques used, assistance will be helpful:

According to the depth

• Epidermal
• Intradermal epidermal surface up to 2 mm deep
• Intradermal: up to 4 mm deep
• Hypodermic: up to 10 mm deep

According to the technique itself:
• One puncture: Single puncture (small or papule)
• Few punctures: Up to 10 punctures
• Many punctures: More than 10 punctures
• Dry mesotherapy
• Nappage
• Mesoperfusion

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