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• New non-invasive therapy for the treatment of musculoskeletal problems.
• Fast and effective help against pain.
• No anesthesia or drugs.
• No side effects.
• shockwave therapy proven by dozens of studies with an efficiency of up to 90%.

Shock waves are acoustic waves that bring great energy to trigger points in order to speed up healing process, tissue regeneration and repair.
Main fields of application:
• Rehabilitation
• Orthopedics
• Sports Medicine Other applications:
• Veterinary (horse racing)
• Aesthetic Medicine – Cellulite treatments



Analgesic effect – elimination of pain
• Increased disposal of the substance P *.
• Decreased muscle tension

Accelerated healing
• Increase collagen production
• Improved metabolism and circulation

Restoring mobility
• Increased resorption calcium deposits.



• local increase in microcirculation – accelerated healing, muscle relaxation, analgesia, improved metabolism.
• Stimulate the production of collagen, fibroblasts and endoplasmic reticulum in ligament cells – accelerated healing.
• Immediate Stress Reduction in muscular and ligamentous tissue.
• ligament neovascularization – acceleration of healing
• Stimulation of osteoblast activity – increased osteogenesis
• Vasodilatation – muscle relaxation, improved metabolism.
• Elimination of calcium, improving resorption of calcium deposits in tissues treated
• Analgesia (inhibition of spasms and of nociceptive fibers, acceleration of removing the substance P *)
• Effect antiedematoso


* Substance P: Mediator in the excitement, stimulates nerve fibers nocieptivas, aid in the development of edema and secretion of histamine.

Wide range of applications


• Achillodynia – Achilles tendon irritation
• Publagia
• Knee Springer
• Shoulder pain
• trochanteric bursitis – pain in hip
• Pain in the hamstring insertion

• humeral epicondylitis – tennis elbow or golfer
• Periostitis tibial- inflammation overload
• Plantar fasciitis – painful foot
• Exostosis in joints hands – if osteoarthritis grade 1
• chronic enthesopathies

Trigger Points – muscle
Acupuncture Points

Most frequent indications


Dolores insercinales
groin pain, achillodynia

Fasciitis, bursitis, tendinitis
plantar fasciitis, patellar tendinitis, epicondylitis

plantar and dorsal calcaneal spurs, calcific tendinitis

Trigger points chronified
Spinal origin pain syndromes (back pain), pain in the hamstring insertion …




• Problems spinal origin – back pain
• repeated microtrauma treble
• Syndrome Rotator Cuff – Frozen shoulder, subacromial bursitis

Pneumatic Shock Wave Technology

Principle – radial
• projectile accelerated by a pneumatic pulse hits the transmitter


• Security and gentle treatment.
• Cheap Price unit.
• High durability applicator = low maintenance = rapid ROI.
• Focused if you use a special transmitter

STORZ companies using this technology. (Gymna), EMS, PAGANI and BTL.

Parameters of shock waves
• The maximum effect of shock waves occurs at the boundary between soft tissue and bone – tendons.
• therapeutic pressures employed: 1.5 – 5 bar
• Number of pulses per session: 500 – 3000 depends on the area of treatment.
• Frequency 1-22 Hz – depends on individual tolerability
• Number of sessions: 2-6 depends on the area of treatment and the importance of the problem.
• Individual sessions should be separated seven days !!! – The healing process takes time
• There must be a complete rest three days after therapy

Shock wave therapy

Locate tender points by palpation, if necessary using X – ray for confirmation
Set the parameters of the therapy.
Apply enough gel.
Issue shock waves as directed by the therapeutic encyclopedia.


Possible Side Effects temporary
Petechiae, hematoma, temporary hypersensitivity, edema, erythema

Effectiveness of shock waves: X-ray heel spur


Effectiveness ESWT: X-ray calcareous tendinitis of the rotator cuff

ESWT in calcareous tendinitis


Team Shock Wave BTL

BTL – 5000 SWT POWER model is the most powerful shock waves:
• High pressure up to 5 bar
• High frequency up to 22 Hz
• Therapy for pulsatile very sensitive patients.
• Color touch screen 8.4 ”
• Colour therapeutic encyclopaedia with anatomical images
• Modular system – allows subsequent updates of other physical therapies such as electrotherapy, ultrasound, laser and magnet therapy.

• High pressures up to 4 bar
• High frequency up to 15 Hz
• Color touch screen 5.7 ”
• Easily transported: Only 7kg, built-in compressor
• Striking design

Technical Parameters

Standard Accessories:
Main unit, air compressor and applicator
• 9 mm – for acupuncture points and for more precise applications.
• 15 mm – Universal Transmitter for all applications
• Focused 15 mm – for target applications (trigger points)
1 liter Gel
Kit redeemable – by the user, average length of at least 1 mil. pulse.


All units are supplied with a special applicator more convenient and comfortable spring market and ergonomic grip
Applicator-length which may be revised by the user – low maintenance cost.

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